Oh, what a year!

Well, what a poor excuse for a year 2020 was! Is there anyone not pleased to see the back of it?!  While coronavirus raged across the world in a fit of furious rage, we all (well, those with any intelligence!) hunkered down in our houses, donning face masks whenever we emerged blinking into the fresh air for essential journeys or to go to work and we had to cancel dream holidays and trips abroad – for us, a road trip around the western USA (though we did receive refunds on all our Air BnB bookings, thank goodness).

As an introvert, I have to be honest.  I have quite enjoyed the social distancing aspect of 2020.  It coincided with a time in my life that was full of grief.  My mum had died towards the end of 2019, and this hit me harder than I ever expected.  My favourite uncle died in February 2020 (not Covid-19 related), an aunt died in April (probably due to Covid-19) and then my best friend’s mum suddenly died in November, quickly followed by an inquest into my mum’s death where it was decided that the hospital needed to drastically improve its’ urgent scan process.  On top of all that, I work in a non-patient facing role in a hospital and it was chaos!  We’ve gone from patients thanking us for all our hard work to patients verbally abusing us for cancelling their appointments because we’ve had to reduce the footfall into our hospitals.  We’ve had medical and nursing colleagues falling seriously ill with coronavirus and have had several colleagues die due to the virus.  Our doctors are exhausted, our nurses are at breaking point.  And while all this was going on, some people who should know better have been completely disregarding all the rules and measures set up to protect them and mixing with others throughout the pandemic, something which I have found very difficult to deal with.  And, of course, there’s Brexit …

Christmas 2020

But there have been some amazing highlights during 2020 too.  Natasha graduated with a first class degree in Psychology from University of Bath (though her graduation ceremony followed by dinner at the Ivy was cancelled), and landed her dream job at which she is doing incredibly well.  Freddie aced his A levels during very difficult circumstances and won a place at his first choice university (despite being downgraded in one subject, and then given his actual mark after all – why did they make that so complicated?!).  We watched some fabulous films and TV shows, and I read some great books (though not as many as usual!).  We had some work done on our patio and I am looking forward to whiling away the summer days reading on our fancy new garden furniture.  I resurrected my Etsy yarn shop and enjoyed filling the orders (though Covid-19 nearly scuppered that as well, causing a shortage of my favoured yarn base!). We had a cosy, quiet Christmas, just the kind I like.

So as we turn towards 2021, it is natural for us all to be hoping for some positivity, but I think everyone has been so scarred by 2020 that we are all a bit cautious about too much optimism.  I plan to step gently into 2021, with no major ‘new year, new me’ resolutions.  Instead I have set some intentions for the year which I will talk about over coming posts, and I would love to hear how you are stepping into 2021 – with gusto, or with trepidation?!

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