Blogmas day 3: My (Post) Christmas Wishlist

It is going to be a bit of an odd Christmas this year.  We are off to New York a couple of days after the big day, and as we are planning on having a bit of a spend up while we’re there, we are going easy on the Christmas presents this year.  So I thought I would share a bit of a New York wishlist …

 1.  A good book to read on the plane

I have a couple of books on my shelf that are set in New York, but I’m not sure if any of them are going to take my fancy.  The possibilities:


The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott – I bought this in Books A Million when I was on holiday in Florida last year, so it seems kind of fitting to read it on the plane back to its’ country of origin.  I’ve never read anything by this author … I just have a weird belief that for some reason I’m not going to gel with this book.  I really have no idea why – I obviously liked the sound of it when I bought it!  If you’ve read it and enjoyed it, convince me to read it in the comments!

Little Deaths by Emma Flint – I feel like I’ve heard quite a lot about this book this year, so I was quite surprised just now to see that it was published in 2017!  Have the last two years really flown by so quickly and I’m mis-remembering?!  Anyway, this one sounds interesting, though has quite a low rating on Goodreads, so I’m not sure.  

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin – This is one of those books I’ve been meaning to read for bloody ages … so maybe just the thing for a 9 hour flight.  I haven’t seen the film either, so have very little idea of what it is about, but I feel like I will love this one.  

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Blue Box Cafe from



Yes, you can actually have breakfast at Tiffany’s now!  They have a restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, and it’s called the Blue Box Cafe.  Booking a table is proving quite a challenge however, so if I add this to my wishlist Father Christmas will oblige, right?!  I mean … look how pretty!!




3. A visit to the Strand Bookstore

I don’t think this needs much of an explanation … 18 miles of books.  What could possibly go wrong?!  

4. A ride on the New York subway

An odd thing to put on your wishlist, perhaps, but on my one previous visit to New York City we did not venture on to the subway and I have regretted it ever since.  I know it’s smelly and uncomfortable, but I really want to experience it for myself.

5. Iconic New York

Photography is one of my loves, and I can’t wait to have a mosey through Manhattan to snap some iconic views of New York.

Hopefully Santa will help a girl out and deliver a fabulous few days in New York!

What’s on your festive wishlist? And please recommend some great books set in New York!


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