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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ahem ...

So, that book tubing videoing thing went down well, huh?!  :)  I think I've decided to give that up ... as much as I love talking about books, I just can't do it on camera.  I still want somewhere to record my thoughts on books and films and stuff, so I've decided to resurrect the old blog (yes, again!)

No promises about regular updates coz we all know I won't keep them!

I still enjoy watching booktubers on YouTube, and recently came across Ramblingsofanelfpire's underhyped books readathon.  (Watch her explanatory video here).  I absolutely love this idea so I decided to join in, albeit a couple of days late!  Looking through my books on Goodreads, I actually have rather a lot of books that are underhyped (according to the rules of the readathon books must have less than 5000 ratings on Goodreads).  I have an embarrassing amount of choice so I really have no excuses!  These are the physical (not Kindle) books I own that are under 1000 ratings (yeah, not even 5000) and from which I will choose my readathon books:

As I've never actually completed a readathon before, I have no idea how many I will get through, and as I'm already 2 days late in starting I should probably get off of here and get reading!  I do need to finish A Tale for the Time Being first though (I have around 100 pages left ...)


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